Weather Seal Replacement

Weather Stripping Replacement

Looking for weather seal replacement for your garage door? Although most garage doors are built tough to withstand continuous use and years of inclement weather, certain parts are more susceptible to wear and damage than others. Weather stripping is one of those parts. These vinyl rubber seals do a lot for your garage. Their primary function is to keep the cold weather, rain, and snow out, but they also do a nice job of preventing many insects and other pests from making your garage their home.

The weather stripping on your garage is tough, but after being exposed to multiple seasons of blazing heat and freezing temperatures (depending on your location), in addition to the pressure that’s applied each time the garage door closes, they can start to show signs of wear. When you notice a damaged piece of weather strip, it’s important to get it replaced.

Signs of Wear:

If you’ve noticed that your garage is feeling especially cold in the winter, or that it’s starting to take on precipitation when it rains and snows, there’s a good chance a part of your weather stripping needs to be replaced. Also, if the bottom rubber is cracked, falling apart or full of holes it should definitely be replaced. If this is the case, call our team of professional garage technicians, and we’ll send someone to your home or business to do a thorough inspection. We’ll find the damaged pieces of weather stripping and replace them with fresh new products.

The next time you notice weather stripping in your garage that needs to be replaced, call one of our authorized garage door service companies. We’ll take care of the problem quickly, efficiently, and with pride. Call and schedule service today!


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