Garage Door Panel Replacement: A How To

Materials and Tools Required

Vise clamps
Ratcheting nut driver
Power drill and bits
Knee pads
Scrap 2-by-4-inch boards
Four-panel garage-door section


Disconnect Power and Arm:

Raise the garage door and disconnect the power to the automatic garage-door opener if applicable. Also disconnect the center arm if the door has an opener.

Undo Tension Springs:

Undo the tension springs from the turnbuckles holding them in place. There’s a lot of tension in the springs, so be careful.

Lower the Door:

Carefully lower the door. Use a scrap 2-by-4 to prop it 3 or 4 inches off the ground to make removing the bottom panel easier.

Attach Vise Clamps:

Attach a couple of vise clamps to the garage-door tracks just below the bearings for the second panel. This will hold the upper part of the door in place when you remove the 2-by-4-inch prop to get at the center bracket of the lower panel.

Loosen the Bolts:

With the ratcheting nut driver, loosen the bolts on the brackets holding the bottom panel in place. Save the center bracket between the first and second panels for last.

Brace the Bottom Panel:

Place another 2-by-4 on edge beneath the door to brace the bottom panel when you lower it. Carefully remove the 2-by-4 propping the door at the center. The vise clamps should hold the upper part of the door in place.

Remove and Replace the Panel:

Loosen the bolts holding the bottom panel to the center bracket and carefully remove the panel and replace with new panel. Line up the bottom corners in the cable anchors, and use the hinges and brackets as templates for drilling holes for bolts.

Mount the New Handle:

Once all the brackets are attached, pre-drill holes and mount the new handle.

Re-connect Tension Springs and Opener:

Raise the garage door and re-connect the tension springs and garage door opener (if applicable).

Prime and Paint the Door:

Prime and paint the door to protect it from the elements and to match your home’s exterior.

Remember, if at any point you feel uncomfortable with these steps, it’s best to hire a professional. Garage doors can be heavy and can cause injury if not handled correctly.

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Damaged Garage Door Sections can Cause Bigger Issues

Over time, garage door panels take on normal wear and can begin to warp, crack, bend, or break. Damaged panels can lead to bigger problems with your garage door. If you continue to use a door with faulty sections, the door can become misaligned and that may cause additional damage to all sections and possibly lead to the replacement of the complete door. The next time you notice that a section of your garage door is broken, trust your repair to the industry leader, an Overhead Door™ Distributor. Our highly trained technicians will visit your home or business to evaluate the problem and recommend the best course of action.

If replacement panels are required, we’ll work with you to find the best match to your current door. Damaged garage door panels often are more than a cosmetic issue and indicate greater structural problems that are occurring. It’s important to get a trained professional to look at your garage door to assess the damage and offer you the best solution going forward.

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