Garage Door Rollers

Garage Door Roller Replacement

Are the rollers on your garage door rusted, jammed, broken or missing? It might be time time to have them replaced.

Your garage door system is made up of many working parts, including cables, springs, hinges, tracks, rollers and more. If any one of these parts are damaged or malfunctioning, your door may become inoperable. Replacing worn out or missing rollers can help provide smoother and quieter operation. When it comes to a bent, broken, or malfunctioning rollers, we would suggest trusting the repairs to a trained professional.

Leave It To The Experts

Replacing garage door rollers may seem like a simple task. Without the proper training and tools, this task may become very dangerous and risks serious injury. We strongly advise it should be performed by a professional garage door technicians.

Various Garage Door Roller Types

The type of rollers found in the garage doors will vary from home to home, based on the age, model, manufacturer and more.

Plastic Rollers w/o Ball Bearings: The popularity of this roller is due to its low cost. The roller is made of plastic and the stem has no ball bearings. Not surprising, these rollers have the shortest lifespan and will need to be replaced more often.

Steel Rollers w/ Ball Bearings: This style of roller will offer improved operation. The addition of ball bearings offer a lubrication point to minimize friction and continue smooth and quiet operation. The steel roller against the steel track will still result in some noise.

Nylon Roller w/ Ball Bearings: This style of roller will outlast its steel alternative, while providing a quieter operation. The ball bearing nylon roller is made of heavy duty nylon to prevent wear and tear while offering a quiet experience and reduced stress on your automatic opener as the rollers travel along the steel track. The exposed bearings provide a lubrication point for extended life expectancy.

In addition to the roller material, the length of the stem will vary. This is commonly referred to as:

  • short stem rollers
  • long stem rollers

Finally, the size of the roller will vary. As the size of the door increases, so do the size of the rollers. Most common residential rollers are 2″ in diameter, however, you may come across 3″ rollers in larger size garage doors.

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