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Why Choose Overhead Door Company?

1. Locally Owned & Operated

Overhead Door™ Distributors are locally owned and operated. With more than 450+ locations across the country, you can trust your local Overhead Door Co. to provide the best in quality garage door repair services.

2. Specialized Expertise

All of our employed garage door repair technicians are highly trained and skilled experts with the knowledge to perform repairs on all makes and models. Repairs are performed thoroughly and in a safe manner.

3. Proven Product

Overhead Door™ continues to provide the industry’s most innovative and highest quality products for both residential and commercial garage door applications. When a repair isn't enough, replace it with Overhead Door.

Garage Door Services We Provide

Broken Spring Replacement
Springs are under extreme tension and should never be adjusted or repaired by individuals who are not properly trained. Trust our team of professionals to replace the broken torsion springs or extension springs on your residential or commercial garage door.
Garage Door Opener Repair
The most common garage door opener problems are resolved by the realignment of the photo eyes or the replacement of worn gears and sprockets found within the garage door opener itself. In some instances, no additional parts are necessary to make the repair.
Broken Garage Door Cables
Do you have a broken cable on your garage door? The cables play an important part in the smooth operation of your door. Because they are under incredible amounts of tension, these cables should only be handled with care by a trained professional.
Panel Replacement
Over a period of time, your garage door panels can begin to warp, crack, break or bend due to normal wear and tear. Continuing to use a door with faulty panels can cause further damage to the door or cause the door to become misaligned.
Garage Door Repair Parts
Looking for parts to repair your garage door? Contact your local expert and the industry leader, Overhead Door. We stock locally all of the necessary parts for most makes and models to repair your garage door and have it operating again quickly.
And Many More...
Overhead Door offers you complete services for your garage door:
- Opener Remotes
- Roller Replacements
- Bent Track Replacement
- Weather Seal Replacement
- Emergency Garage Door Repair
- Parts and many many more
Why Choose a Professional Garage Door Company

Top 5 Reasons

  1. Licensed, Highly Trained, Experienced Garage Door Repair Technicians
  2. Emergency 24-Hour Garage Door Services for Commercial & Residential Customers
  3. Reliable Garage Door Expertise Providing Total Customer Satisfaction
  4. Locally Available Technicians for Timely and Cost Effective Garage Door Repairs
  5. Trustworthy, Reliable and Top Quality Service

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