Fire-Rated Garage Doors

Fire-Rated Commercial Garage Door Repair

In the event of a fire, fire doors are triggered to close and prevent fire and smoke from spreading. Fire resistant doors are one part of a commercial fire alarm system. You usually find fire rated doors in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, hotels and other business establishments.

Rolling Fire Door Inspections & Drop Tests

Maintenance of a fire-rated garage door is critical. A Fire Door Drop Test Program helps building owners and managers stay in compliance with the most recent NFPA 80 standards, while maintaining the proper operation and full closure of your facility’s rolling and sliding fire doors. Use today to be matched with a local Overhead Door™ distributor who can perform drop tests and fire door inspections.


Visual Inspection 

  1. Check to insure properly installed
    • Are the curtain, barrel and guides aligned and leveled? Check expansion clearance and fusible link locations.
  2. Check for damaged, incorrect or missing parts
    • Slats, end locks, bottom bar, guide assembly, hood and flame baffle, gears, sprockets and spring shafts.
  3. Check support equipment
    • Batteries in smoke detectors & release devices.

Operational Inspection

  1. Check to make sure the door(s) can operate in full range of motion with ease.

Fire Door Drop Test

**If the door did not pass the visual or operational inspection, it will need to be fixed before conducting the Drop Test**

The Fire Door Drop Test (FDDT) program for fire-rated rolling doors, counter doors, shutters and fire curtains includes a code-mandated inspection that follows testing procedures per NFPA 80. These inspections are performed at least annually and after each Drop Test the customer will receive:

  • A written inspection report
  • A “Fire Door Certification Tag” attached to the door noting the date the fire door was tested and passed

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