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Garage Door Planned Maintenance Plan

Have you considered a garage door Planned Maintenance Program? In most instances, a garage door is the largest and heaviest moving object in your home or business. The door must be properly adjusted and maintained in order to continue functioning safely and efficiently. Your local Overhead Door Company offers a Planned Maintenance Program to provide and ensure the ongoing safety and proper operation of your home or business’ garage door. Garage doors are in use every day, resulting in unavoidable wear and tear. To keep your door in working condition and help minimize the chance of major repairs required in the future, a planned maintenance program is a great option and makes perfect sense.

Major Benefits of Garage Door Maintenance:

Some of the major benefits of a regular garage door planned maintenance program include:

  • Reducing logistics problems
  • Minimizing emergency repair costs
  • Eliminating receiving / shipping delays
  • Preventing workflow disruption
  • Increased garage door life expectancy
  • Optimizing operational efficiency

Whether you want to have maintenance done quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, you can find a program that fits your home or company needs and budget.

Key Services Included In Your Maintenance Plan:

Just a few of the things that are included in our preventative maintenance programs include:

  • Inspecting rollers, cables, chains, tracks, bottom bars, alignments, etc.
  • Tightening hinges, couplings, back hangs, track brackets, drums, etc.
  • Adjusting brake, clutch and limit assemblies
  • Lubricating rollers, hinges, chain hoists, release mechanisms, shaft bearings, and more
  • Examining door controls, safety mechanisms, and the garage door operator itself

As you can see from that list of maintenance options, there are lots of moving pieces and parts that keep your garage door in good working order. Start a regular maintenance program today and ensure your doors proper operation. We can diagnose small issues early on before they become major problems. Type in your zip code today to find your local Overhead Doorâ„¢ Distributor.

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