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Do you need local garage door repair in Merrifield, VA? Overhead Door Company offers you talented technicians who deliver the highest quality, most efficient, and trusted garage door repair services.

Overhead Door has been in business for decades and has staff ready to serve Merrifield residents, businesses and developers. Merrifield is a quaint city located in Fairfax County located about fifteen miles from our Nation’s Capital. The local professionals at Overhead Door take pride in serving this area.

Residential Garage Door Repair in Merrifield

Here at Overhead Door, we want to help maintain a good quality of life, and that can start with a working residential garage door. Garage doors are designed for protection, providing an entrance for your home as well as securing your belongings. Our team of professionals are trained and highly skilled to perform the needed repairs to get your door properly functioning again. No matter where you live in Merrifield, we want you to know that your garage door repair needs will be our priority.

Commercial Garage Door Repair in Merrifield

Commercial and industrial garage doors experience more wear and tear than residential garage doors. We also provide garage door repair services to local businesses in and around the Merrifield area, including the newly designed Mosaic community. Without working garage doors, your business is at risk for all sorts of problems. Your business needs the security of a fully functioning garage door, and the team at Overhead Door is ready to help.

If you have a garage door, make sure its fully functioning with the help of Overhead Door. Call today to schedule your same day garage door repair in Merrifield, VA. We look forward to the opportunity to service your residential, commercial or industrial garage door.