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Garage Door Repair vs. Garage Door Replacement: Which Do You Need?

How to Know When It’s Time to Repair or Replace Your Garage Door Your home’s garage door is probably something you take for granted. You hit the button on the remote and expect the door to quickly and quietly open and close. But when your garage door […]

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The Serious Dangers of DIY Garage Door Repair

Here’s Why You Should Never Attempt DIY Garage Door Repairs  Everyone has a little bit of a DIY spirit in them. So, when you first experience issues with your garage door, your inclination may be to self-diagnose the problem, watch a couple of YouTube videos, and get […]

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The Top 5 Reasons Why Your Old Garage Door Opener Needs to be Replaced

As the largest moving piece in your home, the garage door should command a lot of respect and attention. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t understand that garage door openers don’t last forever and never consider the possibility of replacement. If you own a garage door opener that’s more […]

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Garage Door Maintenance: Know When to Call the Pros

A good car owner is always cognizant of upkeep and maintenance. When it comes to things like changing the oil, topping off fluids, rotating tires, and protecting leather and upholstery, we do a good job of staying on top of what needs to be done. However, for […]

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Garage Door Safety Tips

A home with a garage is a wonderful thing — wonderful, that is, when you know how to use/protect it. As great as it is to have extra storage and a place to park, those benefits become liabilities when you don’t practice proper garage safety. Keep your […]

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Garage Door Openers – Screw vs. Belt vs. Chain

Residential Garage Door Opener Options Automated garage door installation is a popular project for do-it-yourself people because of the ability to customize and control such variables as noise and speed. In general, you have three types of drives to choose from, each with unique pros and cons. […]

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Types of Garage Door Springs – Torsion vs. Extension

Types of Garage Door Springs – Torsion vs. Extension If you’re like most homeowners, you probably give little thought to your garage door — until it breaks. Suddenly, you’re forced to make all kinds of decisions about materials, installers and even the types of springs required to […]

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Actual Cost of Replacing a Garage Door – Cost vs. Value

Cost vs. Value When replacing a garage door, most homeowners are cost-conscious (i.e. they’re worried about the upfront cost of materials and labor). This focus on price is understandable. After all, garage door replacements are usually an unexpected expense. One day the door is working fine, and […]

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What Material Should You Use for Your Garage Door?

Garage door materials largely come down to personal preference, although there are some practical considerations. You must look at such factors as maintenance, long-term costs and flexibility. Below is a comparison of three of the most common garage door materials. Steel Pros: Look. Steel garage doors are […]

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Six Tips to Make Your Garage Greener

Changes that you make in your garage can save energy and improve your home’s environmental profile. Attached garages serve as conduits for heating and cooling losses in the home, and fumes can leak from the garage into living areas. Hazardous materials often collect in garages where they […]

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