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Essential Tips to Winter-proof Your Home Garage

Winter is just around the corner so it is time for you to think about preparing your garage for the cold season. If you don’t like getting into an icy car in the winter, a winter proof, heated garage is a great idea. Winter-proofing your garage also […]

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10 Tips to Make Your Garage More Energy Efficient

Have you thought about how energy inefficient your garage is? Most worry about keeping their home warm and comfy during the cold season, however, they fail to realize that their garage sucks out a lot of energy from their home. Here are ten things you can do […]

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No Vacancies for Carpenter Ants And Termites In Home Garages

How can something smaller than a peanut do so much damage to a garage? That is the question many homeowners ask themselves after they realize that carpenter ants have hollowed out major pieces of wooding and insulation in their garage. Structures like garages made from wood are […]

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Detached Garages Vs. Attached Garages

Some people believe that an attached garage will add more value to a home in today’s housing market. Others say that a detached garage is more desirable. At the end of the day, homeowners who are planning on adding a garage to their property should decide between […]

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