Essential Tips to Winter-proof Your Home Garage

cold garageWinter is just around the corner so it is time for you to think about preparing your garage for the cold season. If you don’t like getting into an icy car in the winter, a winter proof, heated garage is a great idea. Winter-proofing your garage also makes your work in your garage more tolerable during the cold winter months. Here are some tips that you can use to winter-proof your garage.

Seal cracks and holes

Assess the areas inside your garage that let in cold air or allow warm air out. These areas include cracks on your wall or gaps near your windows. You should also inspect the seals on your garage doors.Any leaks or holes around windows and walls should be sealed off. Caulk can be used to seal the small gaps and cracks around your windows. Cracked or broken windows should be replaced.

Use an old blanket to insulate your garage
The base of your garage’s doors and windows can be insulated using towels or old blankets to block any drafts. This temporary solution can be used to prevent cold wind from entering the drafty areas of your garage.

Replace old doors
Old non-insulated garage doors can be replaced with new insulated doors. There are many affordable insulated options available today.

Install a heater
A heater that is designed specifically for garages can be installed. If you use a regular space heater, it can cause a fire, especially if it is used near chemicals.

Paint your concrete floor
Since a cement slab floor can conduct chilled ground moisture into your garage, you can apply concrete paint on your floor to limit the infiltration of dampness. This will help keep the cold out and seal in the warm temperatures in your garage.

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