Tips to Avoid Garage Door Break-Ins

Everyone who worries about burglars takes pains to secure their home from break-ins. They worry about thieves getting into their doors, and so they protect them with the highest quality dead bolts they can find. They worry about thieves breaking into their homes through the windows, and they protect them with bars or with unbreakable glass. However, even the most thoughtful homeowners often fail to realize how vulnerable their homes are through their garage doors.

In fact, there is a popular YouTube video that shows exactly how vulnerable garage doors are to thieves. This video shows how it is possible to break into a house through a garage door in just six seconds. It doesn’t even require many tools or any skill. All it takes is a block of wood and a piece of coat hanger to perform the break-in.

The block of wood forces a gap between the garage door and the seal. The thief then takes the length of coat hanger to pull the emergency release cord on the garage door. This is made very easy by the fact that many garage doors have windows that allow the thief to see the cord and to grab it in a hurry. Once the cord is pulled, the thief can push the garage door up easily by hand. Thieves can then waltz in and take their time plundering the house to their hearts’ content.

Luckily, people have taken a look at this video and come up with a solution. Instead of allowing thieves this easy access to their home, homeowners can use this simple fix to plug up this gaping hole in their home security. The only thing it takes is a drill and a zip tie.

First, use the drill to create a hole in the shuttle plate of the garage door. This plate will be easy to see as it is located right next to the emergency cord. When the hole has been drilled, homeowners simply need to run the zip tie through the hole in the shuttle plate and the hole that attaches to the emergency release cord.

This easy fix will prevent the emergency cord from being pulled unless the zip tie is cut, which is a much more difficult operation for a thief to perform when he is outside of the garage. This is a cheap, simple fix that could mean the difference between your home being burglarized or not. Every homeowner should perform this fix as soon as possible.

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