Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Garage Door

Your garage door requires regular maintenance to keep it working smoothly. This spring, add it to your list of items that must be accomplished. Performing maintenance on a garage door is not overly difficult. It just takes a few steps.

The first step is to visually inspect the door on both sides. Note any sign of wear and tear that needs attention. Missing or loose nuts or bolts should also be listed. Peeling paint, fraying cables and other items that need repair should be placed on the list. If you do not know how to replace cables, springs or other items, a garage repair company can accomplish that for you. You can perform the rest of the maintenance yourself.

Clean the outside of the garage door with a detergent, sponge and water. Be sure to remove any stuck on tree sap, leaves or other debris. For removing stains, check your garage door manufacturer’s recommendations. Removing stains from the paint on steel doors, vinyl or wood may be different depending on the stain. Not all stain removers are usable on all materials. Rinse with a garden hose.

Open and close the door; if the door sticks, a roller is out of place or you hear straining, popping or other noises, contact your local Overhead Door Company for a tune-up.

Use a socket wrench to retighten any loose nuts or bolts on the tracks or hinges. Locate any bolts or nuts that are painted red or have warning tags on them; do not attempt to tighten or loosen these bolts. Only a garage door technician should adjust them.

To check the doors balance, unplug the garage door, disengage the door opener by pulling the lever handle and raise the door to waist level and then let it go. If the door lowers to the floor or rises up by itself, it is out of balance and needs maintenance to avoid problems in the future.

With proper maintenance, your garage door will serve you faithfully for many years to come.

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