How to Choose a New Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers make homeowner’s life much easier. These devices allow the garage door to operate automatically without posing risks to the safety of the household members, pets, and valuable belongings.

Garage door openers eliminate the struggle and back pain that most homeowners experience from constantly opening and closing their heavy garage doors. These devices are designed to perform these heavy lifting and pulling tasks. These devices are available in three different types: chain, belt, and screw drive system. When choosing a new garage door opener, below are important factors that need to be considered:

  • Budget and Functionality. If your budget is limited, you might find the chain most attractive. This style is most affordable amongst the three options. It comes with a chain attached to the rail, which is responsible in moving the door up and down. The screw drive system type is regarded as the strongest and the most suitable choice for those who own a heavier garage door. The rubber belt style is the quietest of the three.
  • Power and Speed. Choose an opener that comes with a power that is sufficient enough to operate the lifting and pulling tasks of the garage door. Also, choose a system that requires less waiting time for the door to close or open.
  • Safety and Security. Safety and security are also important factors to consider when choosing a garage door opener especially if you have children or pets around your home. To ensure better security for your home, choose a garage door opener structure that comes with a rolling security code. This code is used to either open or close the garage door. Opening systems have automatic reverse sensors and infrared beams, which stops the garage door from closing down should anything that gets in the way during the closing of the door.
  • Door Size. The size of the garage door opener of your choice should coincide with the size of your garage door. The height of your door will influence the size of the boom required, while the weight of your door will suggest the model of opener.
  • Remote Control. A garage door opener that is operated by a remote control is an ideal choice for many home owners. While some garage door opener remotes have a single button that opens and closes a single door, other remotes come with multiple buttons and can operate multiple doors.

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