How to Fix a Dent in a Garage Door

One of the main benefits of an aluminum garage door is that it does not require all of the maintenance that wooden doors require. While it is maintenance-free, that does not mean that it is resistant to dents. In fact, aluminum garage doors and even steel doors can dent rather easily if you even tap them with your car, your bike, or any other recreational vehicle. While it might be tempting to replace the door entirely, there are inexpensive ways to get rid of the dents. Read on and learn a dent removal technique that will save you not only money, but time as well.

Things You Will Need for the Project

Most of the tools you are going to need to make your garage door dent-free can be found around your home. Here is a checklist that you should review before you start the process:

  • Medium-sized bucket
  • Dish soap
  • Outdoor hose
  • Heavy-duty sponge
  • High-grade aluminum foil
  • Standard lighter
  • Compressed air

If you do not have any of these items, make sure you take a trip to the store before you start. Not having what you will need will affect the project.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Use the bucket, fill it with water, and add dish soap. Thoroughly wash the dented area with a sponge and remove all of the dirt. Make sure the area and clean and dry before you move on.
  • Unroll enough foil to cover the dent and to give you room to hold the foil at each end. Cut the piece of foil from the roll and keep it within reach.
  • Make sure you have your lighter and your can of air handy. Lay the piece of aluminum foil flat and cover the dent. Keep the foil flat against the door with your hand near the corner and away from the dent.
  • Pick up your lighter and move the lit flame back and forth over the dent for 60 seconds. Make sure you use a consistent motion so that the flame hits the aluminum foil wherever the stubborn dent is. Once you are done, remove the foil and hold your air can upside down. Spray the can while it is upside down over the dent for at least 30 seconds. You must hold the can upside down because the carbon dioxide in the can in the secret ingredient.

The aluminum will go back into place because of the drastic change in temperatures. Watch your dent pop back and disappear within two minutes.

As you can see, removing your garage door dent does not require any special skills or equipment. Try these steps and tackle the problem without spending any money.

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