Easy Garage Storage Solutions

In many homes, storage space is a major issue. People do not know where to put any of their belongings, and they wind up piling up all over the house. When you have a garage, storage does not have to be such a major concern. What are some ways you can make the garage more organized?

Creating Different Sections

Maybe the garage will look neat and organized no matter where you put items, but it’s going to be really hard to find them. Instead of having to pull everything apart to find one thing, divide the garage into sections. Have a section for gardening supplies, seasonal items, tools for cleaning the pool, bikes, etc. You will feel much more organized once this is accomplished!

Indoors vs. Outdoors

Sometimes, you wind up leaving items in the garage because you happen to pass by there first on your way into the house. Go through the entire garage, and figure out what really belongs there. A book collection or a set of kitchen utensils should go into the appropriate rooms. Once everything has been sorted out, you will have more space for items that actually belong outside in the garage.

Using Storage Bins

When you have storage bins, you can easily label all of the items in your garage. You won’t even have to open a lid to figure out what is inside. Another major benefit of storage bins is that they can be stacked on top of one another. In a spot where you were once only able to pile up one storage bin’s worth of tools and so forth, you can now fit three of them. Once everything is inside of the bin, grab a piece of duct tape, and use a permanent marker to label what is inside.

Installing Shelves

Putting shelves into the garage also helps to give it a sleek and clean appeal. Not only will you have more floor space, but the garage will look neater too. If you’re handy, you can probably install these shelves by yourself. Be certain they are sturdy though; you do not want them to fall on anyone’s head, thereby injuring the person and breaking all of the items resting upon it.

Making your garage look neat can certainly take some time; however, it is an endeavor that is worth taking. You’ll be very pleased with the way your new garage looks.

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