Detached Garages Vs. Attached Garages

Some people believe that an attached garage will add more value to a home in today’s housing market. Others say that a detached garage is more desirable. At the end of the day, homeowners who are planning on adding a garage to their property should decide between an attached or detached unit based on their own personal preference.

People who live further north generally see more value in an attached garage unit. The frigid winters make quick trips out to detached garages very uncomfortable. The need to put on a winter jacket for a quick walk outside in order to get something out of the car is certainly a burden that often results in a preference for an attached unit.

Attached Detached Garage

Another reason people value an attached garage over a detached garage is that attached units make the house appear larger – especially on structures that have the garage doors placed facing the rear. Viewers from the curb will only see the garage as part of the housing structure. Additionally, attached garage units almost always identically match the home’s exterior design as opposed to many detached units that were built years later with different materials.

Finally, an attached garage unit tends to offer much more convenience. This is especially true for homeowners who like keeping an extra freezer or refrigerator in their garage. It is much easier to open a door directly into the garage to grab a tub of ice cream as opposed to having to walk outside to retrieve a few scoops. In addition, unloading a packed car is much easier with an attached garage.

Despite the fact that attached garage units tend to provide more convenience, a shield from bitter weather and girth to home structures, many people still prefer detached garage units.

Lots of homeowners feel safer with a detached unit because they are further away from the gas emissions and other hazardous fumes that often inhabit garages. A running car in a garage can emit toxins like benzene that may drift into the home.

Other reasons to feel safer with a detached garage include limited entrances into the home. Although attached garage units can be built with safe and secure doors, it is always possible for a burglar to sneak in through a garage window. If the door from the garage to the house is unlocked, there is no stopping a home intruder. With a detached garage, the potential harm would only be done inside of the garage.

A final reason that detached garages are preferred by certain people is that they provide a different level of privacy compared to attached units. People who like to set up workbenches or build and paint things in their garage can do so with limited distractions in a detached unit. If the space is connected to the home, it can be difficult to have any privacy.

Everybody has different priorities. If privacy trumps convenience, then a detached garage is the way to go. If the idea of having to go outside for every trip to the garage seems bothersome, then an attached garage is the better option.

Either way, all garages must have safe and reliable garage doors in order for them to be effective. The professionals at Garage Door Repair LLC work day and night to ensure that homeowners have a trusted team available if any part of the garage door system breaks or wears out.

Homeowners with attached garages should especially have a team like Garage Door Repair LLC on-call. As noted previously, a broken garage door system makes homes more vulnerable to break-ins. Detached garage owners should also have Garage Door Repair on speed dial. Many detached units have a single entrance – the garage doors. If the garage door system is broken there would be no way to get in or out of the garage.

Garage Door Repair professionals have worked with both types of residential and commercial garage door systems for decades. Their experience, knowledge and reputation for great customer service make them the easy choice for garage door support.

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