Seven Tips to Prevent Garage Door Break-ins

garage-door-courtyard-166EWhile it is convenient to have a garage, many homeowners discover that it leaves the home vulnerable to break ins. Fortunately, when following these seven tips, one can protect their garage from mischievous people and criminals.

  1. Hide remote: Some drivers will leave their remote in their car even when parking on the street. At the least, one should hide the remote in the glove box or somewhere else in the car. Ideally, one should bring the item home and away from the eyes of potential thieves. Sadly, many people do not follow this advice. When doing this, a criminal will simply grab the remote from out of the car of an unsuspecting driver.
  2. Emergency release: Most garage doors have an emergency release. With this, one can easily pry open the door and gain access. Fortunately, one can use some zip ties to secure their door and prevent any future problems. Although this is a low tech solution, one must remember that it is an effective way for a resident to protect his or her valuables.
  3. Close the door: Some people, when going in and out of the garage, leave their door wide open. When this happens, a criminal can slip in and take a valuable item. Often, a smart thief will take something that will not be easily noticed. When doing this, one can sell the item on the Internet or through the newspaper without the property owner noticing. Remember, when away for more than a few minutes, one must close and lock their garage door. Unfortunately, plenty of criminals will stand by and wait for a homeowner to make this seemingly minor mistake.
  4. Cover windows: Some garage doors have windows. While this can be aesthetically pleasing, it showcases all the items to potential burglars. Ideally, the property owner should cover the window with a piece of newspaper or cardboard. Wen doing this, people will not have an opportunity to peep in the garage and make plans.
  5. Maintenance: Some homeowners neglect the maintenance of their garage. They do this since most people do not spend much time in there. Sadly, when foregoing routine and necessary repairs, one will leave their garage door vulnerable to break ins. To find the maintenance schedule, one should contact the person who installed the garage door. Without a doubt, with this step, one will protect their garage against opportunistic thieves who exploit damage and worn doors.
  6. Code: A lot of new garage doors have an outdoor key pad. With this, one can enter the area by using a code. Now, when choosing the password, one should think a little more deeply. Sadly, some people create a code of 0000 or their address. When doing this, smart criminals can gain access to the garage and house.
  7. Camera: With a video camera, one can scare off most mischievous individuals. In fact, when using this method, one can probably get away with a fake camera. Either way, when placing it directly above the garage door, one can warn most criminals to back away from the house.

When following these seven tips, one can protect their home and garage from thieves. Fortunately, none of these solutions requires a large cash investment. Not only that, to implement these tips, one will not need to spend much time.

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