Portland TX Garage Door Services

Portland Garage Door Services

Gulf Coast cities like Portland, Texas can count on reliable garage door repair service from the Overhead Door Company of Coastal Plains located in Corpus Christi. For decades we have been providing these services in and around San Patricio County. Our trucks and technicians are geared to handle a full range of garage door repairs, preventative maintenance visits as well as emergency calls that tend to be more fast paced in nature.

Portland Garage Door Repair – Home

Perhaps the best part of living in the “Gem City of the Gulf” is the safety and security. Portland, Texas has some of the country’s safest neighborhoods. Making sure your garage door is down and secure over night is a very good way to ensure the crime rate does not climb. If your door won’t close due to a cable issue, a bent track or a garage door opener problem place a call to the Overhead Door Company of Coastal Plains. Nobody wants a sleepless night worrying about a wide open garage. Nobody wants a frustrating day worrying about it either. That’s why they call us at Overhead Garage Door Company of Coastal Plains. Your time is better spent on the Indian Point Pier watching the waves dance.

Commercial Garage Door Service in Portland

Many businesses in Portland have already discovered the professional garage door repair service provided by the Overhead Door Company of Coastal Plains. Why not add your company to that list? Coastal winds and rain can really damage a garage door. Replacement panels and track may be needed after the storm passes or better yet, preventative measures can be taken before the storm breaks land to ensure your door stay intact. The Overhead Door Company of Coastal Plains can handle either scenario. Call to schedule an appointment today. We are eager to earn your business.

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Whether you want to protect your personal possessions or protect your place of business, trust the Overhead Door Company of Coastal Plains for your next garage door repair need. Proudly serving Portland, Texas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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