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Are you seeking a reliable garage door company in Bryan, TX? The Overhead Door Company of South Central Texas is the premier choice for residential or commercial garage door products and services in Bryan and in all of Aggieland. Our products are engineered to withstand harsh elements and rigorous use and our technicians are experts in the field. We know that “Everything is bigger in Texas” and we also believe that it is “Better in Bryan”; including the Overhead Door Company of South Central Texas which is locally owned and operated.

Residential Garage Door Service in Bryan, TX

Garage Door Repair Services

A garage door provides security and protection for your loved ones and valuables. Here at the Overhead Door Company of South Central Texas, we here to ensure that everything is running smoothly and you have a garage door that you can rely on. Whether it be garage door spring replacement, a broken cable, roller replacement, garage door opener repair, or anything in between, our team of residential garage door specialists handle it all and will take care of your home. We gladly provide 24-hour emergency services for those times when your garage door troubles simply can’t wait.

Complete Garage Door Replacement

Does your Bryan, TX home have a garage door that looks worn and dated? A garage door can be a large portion of the exterior of your house and you want it to fit the style and structure of your house and to add to, rather than detract from, its curb appeal. Our trained sales professionals can help you choose a replacement garage door that meets your stylistic preferences and coordinates with the façade of your home. They can also educate you regarding the pros and cons of the various garage door materials (wood, vinyl, insulated steel, fiberglass etc), so you can make an informed decision. A new door and/or operator can add to the monetary value and aesthetic appeal of your home, decrease electric bills, improve your home and personal safety and even decrease the noise level in your home. Call the Overhead Door Company of South Central Texas today and explore the comprehensive line of doors and operators that we carry.

Commercial Garage Door Service in Bryan, TX

Does your Bryan, TX business utilize docking equipment, rolling or sectional steel doors, high speed doors, or air curtains? If so, then you need to make the Overhead Door Company of South Central Texas a part of your business team. Call our service department and set up a preventative maintenance program. Preventative maintenance can increase the operational efficiency and reliability, extend the useful life of your equipment, reduce the probability of equipment malfunctioning, decrease costly downtime, and decrease long term repair expenses. Establish a relationship with our service department now with a preventative maintenance plan and our teams will be on call 24/7 should you encounter and need an emergency repair!

The Overhead Door Company of South Central Texas, setting the standard for garage door products and customer service!

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