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Photo Courtesy of mybadpad.comWhy does your car get the biggest room of the house? Every other part of the house is cramped with people, pets and stuff. But that car of yours, it gets to sprawl out, day-in-and-day-out, without a care or cramp in the world. It just doesn’t seem fair, does it? Let today be the day that you let your car know who is boss!

You can start by ordering new garage accessories. Unfortunately for your car, there are many new accessories on the market so things may start to get a little snug in there.

  1. The first and most foremost accessory for any garage is a robust storage system from Monkey Bars. Some of these storage systems currently being sold are massive, large enough to hold items such as lawn mowers, hedge-trimmers and leaf blowers. Honestly, where else would you put these items? Leave them outside so they are vulnerable to harsh weather conditions? That isn’t smart. Keeping them randomly placed in your garage isn’t the wisest move either since you literally risk plowing into your snow plow with your car.
  2. Every garage needs a workbench. Workbenches are essential for any type of DIY project or appliance repair. Most workbenches have built-in storage units for tools. If you don’t want to purchase one, you can just build one yourself. Although then you would have to face the challenge of building a workbench without having a workbench to work on? Bench Solution offers space-saving workbenches for garages.
  3. Garage floor mats are becoming more and more popular. Concrete floors are so 2012. Mats come in all different sizes and colors and are specially designed to absorb the liquid that oozes out from under your car. They are super easy to clean and help hide the cracked and stained concrete floor. Check these floor mats out from
  4. Raise your hand if you keep bikes in your garage and think they are the biggest pains ever. They take up so much space and are such a hassle to move, especially when the car is parked in the garage. When you buy or build a bike rack, your bike problem goes away. If you are really clever, you can figure out how to assemble a bike rack that attaches to the ceiling so that your bike hangs out all day in that empty vertical space over your head.
  5. For so many reasons, fishing poles do not belong in the house. As a matter of fact, anything fishing related should stay in the garage. Dead fish, live bait, hooks all meant for the garage. A fishing pole rack can be nailed against the wall of the garage. It makes for easy accessibility and more importantly, it keeps protects your poles from potential damage. offers a variety of fishing pole racks for your garage.
  6. What is green, leaky, dozens of feet long and impossible to store? The answer is a hose. Get its act together with a hose rack for your garage. Choose between a simple rack that just mounts against the garage wall or a new automatic rack that reels the hose in by itself and wraps it up tightly.
  7. Garage garbage cans would fall under the Garage Accessories One Must Never Go a Day Without category. These large, industrial size garbage cans are perfect for dumping the garbage from small waste cans. It takes a while for the larger cans to fill and once they do, they have wheels on the bottom to make for an easy roll down the driveway to the curb.
  8. Toolboxes are also great accessories for the garage. Hammers, nails, wrenches and screwdrivers don’t belong inside your home. With a large toolbox located in your garage, you have the space to be organized with your tools instead of keeping them randomly scattered throughout the house. Harbor Freight offers tool storage boxes in different styles for your garage.
  9. Can racks should be kept in the garage as well. Poisonous and flammable chemicals are packed into cans of insect repellent  spray paints and other aerosol cans. Can racks can be mounted high on garage walls in order to keep them a safe distance from pets and small children. 4 Wheel Parts offers aerosol can racks to help organize cans in your garage.
  10. Refrigerators are great accessories for garages too. But be smart about what you put in there. A garage fridge shouldn’t be for your daily grocery needs, right?  You don’t want to have to walk to your garage every morning for your orange juice. A garage refrigerator should hold things like soda, beer or other bulk items.
  11. Your car would likely appreciate a parking stop. For less than $15, you can order one online. These are blocks that you place on the floor of your garage at the exact location where your tires should stop when you pull into your garage. This prevents you from ramming your car into the wall.  It’s a genius concept.
  12. While we are on the subject of preventing your car from impact pain, a door guard is a clever way to keep your car doors dent-free. This is actually a pretty simple DIY project. Find something long, sturdy and soft then nail it horizontally to the wall at the height where your car door would hit the wall when it opens.
  13. Fire extinguishers are lifesavers, literally.  Yet most people don’t have one in their house because of an obvious reason, they are rather large. Your garage has ample space to store a fire extinguisher.
  14. Garages don’t have to be all work and no play. Park the car in the driveway and bring in a ping-pong table, a dartboard and if you are really into it, build yourself a bar. Check out how you can convert your garage into a game room on
  15. If you do plan on having company hang out in the garage for recreational purposes, you should do some decorating. There are many shops and online sites that will allow you to personalize garage signs that you can hang on the walls. Check out these awesome designs from
  16. Let’s return to practical accessories for your garage. Utility shelving is perfect for tools and equipment such as fertilizer and gardening supplies.  Again, these shelves should be built high in order to keep these objects out of the reach of children and pets. offers garage shelving systems that can help you organize your items.
  17. If you do have children around the house, ball bags are a great way to keep your garage organized. Ball bags these days include a panel and hooks so that the bag can hang from the wall, keeping footballs, soccer balls and basketballs all in one place.
  18. Trying to train your pooch? Don’t let your dog freeze or bake outside if the weather is bad. Put a kennel in your garage. There should be enough space to give the dog running room. Lay a mat or something soft down on the ground so that it won’t have to sleep on the concrete.
  19. Ladders are difficult to store because they are so large and heavy. However a ceiling mounted ladder rack eliminates this burden. Simply mount the rack to ceiling joists one rack for each end of the ladder and slide the ladder through the racks.
  20. Last but not least for your new garage accessories are hooks. Nail them right to the wall of your garage and save tons of room in your house. Hang your heavy winter jackets out there, your wet fishing gear or snowy ski suit. Check out the fan favorites

There you have it. Twenty garage accessories that will make your life easier. Don’t spoil your car so much with a big, empty garage. Use these ideas to take advantage of all that space by making it a workable environment with storage options that will eliminate clutter from your home.

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