Garage Door Accident Illustrates Need for Professional Repairs

In late October of 2012, a Tilehurst man mangled his pinkie finger while trying to fix the automatic, up-and-over garage door mechanism at his Fairford Road home. After hearing his screams for help, a neighbor summoned firefighters, who finally freed the man and took him for treatment at Royal Berkshire Hospital.

Watch Commander Luke Coleman reported that rescue workers spent nearly an hour disengaging a spring mechanism, which allowed them to remove the garage door and free the man, who is in his early 20s. Coleman said his rescue workers might not have known how to free the victim were it not for the neighbor who called, a repairman who informed firefighters exactly how to remove the spring mechanism and power down the system before the door could be removed.

“It was … fortunate that the neighbor was a garage door repairman,” Commander Coleman told S&B Media, “so he was able to give us expert advice on how to deal with it, without making the injury any worse.”

Commander Coleman warned citizens to get expert repair help before fixing a garage door jam, which could be caused by several factors; each requiring a different, safety-minded response. Tinkering with a garage door without a repair professional’s knowledge can cause injuries that even surpass what the Tilehurst man suffered, he said.

A garage door repair professional will know how to safeguard the automatic opener and disengage the spring mechanism before starting any repair work.

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