The Battle Between Mother Nature and Garage Doors

A garage door is heavy, sturdy and reliable most of the time, however, even a door that weighs a couple hundred pounds is sometimes no match against the great force of Mother Nature.

Heavy rains in the spring, snow and hail in the winter, beating sunshine in the summer and strong winds in the fall – garage doors are taking a weather beating all year round. Fortunately, the professionals at Garage Door Repair LLC offer preventive maintenance checks that help garage doors withstand even the worst climate conditions.

Old Garage Door

Sun damage can drastically fade the color of garage doors and hurt the home’s curb appeal. In some cases, a paint job may suffice as a solution but the process can be tedious and sometimes pricey. Homeowners who attempt to paint their garage doors themselves run the risk of picking the wrong shade or even worse – spilling the paint and staining the driveway. Another option would be to hire a professional painter but that can get expensive. At Garage Door Repair LLC, we highly recommend calling our team to discuss panel replacement options.

The sun can cause more damage than just fading the color of the paint. It can also cause garage door system’s lubricants to dry out. In addition, excessive humidity can also lead to a build-up of moisture in wood doors, which actually causes the doors to swell.

Panel replacement is a great way to correct the damage caused by the sun. Garage Door Repair LLC can refresh the appearance and functionality of the garage door systems in no time at all.

In areas that experience drastic changes in the weather – for instance where days are humid but temperatures drop severely at night – homeowners and business owners need to pay close attention to their garage door systems. Volatile climates can rapidly increase the deterioration of springs and other garage door parts.

At Garage Door Repair LLC we have witnessed much higher volumes of customer calls for spring replacements after fickle weather years. Damaged springs can ruin an entire garage door system, as they are responsible for lifting and balancing the heavy garage door weight. Attempting to replace them without an experienced professional can be extremely unsafe so it is always best to call a company like ours and schedule a time for one of our techs to stop by and replace the weather-damaged parts.

Freezing temperatures can also lead to garage door damage. It is not entirely uncommon for cables and springs to freeze or for melted snow to freeze around the system’s hinges and joints. When this happens, it is always best to call the professionals. The remedy may not be as easy as waiting for the system to thaw out, a part may have snapped, causing permanent damage.

Weather stripping is another important piece to your garage door that protects from the weather. Not only do the vinyl rubber seals keep outside elements from seeping inside, it also prevents bugs and smaller rodents from inviting themselves in and making the garage their new home. Weather Replacement Seals, as tough as they are, are also exposed to the weather throughout the year, so they too need to be inspected and replaced every so often to ensure they are working properly.

Mother Nature can be a beast when it comes to keeping garage door systems operating smoothly. Even the strongest systems can eventually succumb to volatile weather conditions. By maintaining a relationship with your local experts, you can rest assured that an experienced and trustworthy technician can easily repair any type of weather damage.

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