Fixing Garage Floor Cracks

If your garage floor is made of concrete, sooner or later you might notice either large or small cracks appearing in the floor. There is no need to panic when you notice these garage floor cracks and no need to call in a professional contractor. If you can follow a few simple instructions as well as obtain certain materials at your local hardware or home improvement store or from a reliable online source, you can fix any crack in a garage floor in 30 minutes or less.

Materials You’ll Need

To make the job of fixing garage floor cracks as easy as possible, it’s important to gather all the necessary materials ahead of time so you can start and finish the job with no interruptions:

* a clean broom, dust pan and brush or a shop vac
* crack filling compound made with epoxy or polyurethane
* a wire brush
* water hose with high pressure nozzle
* clean putty knife

Preparing the Area

There is no paint, epoxy or sealer system designed to fill garage floor cracks, so you must prepare the area properly so you can fill in the crack with a crack filling compound designed specifically for these kind of repair jobs. Crack filling compound is available either in a small pail that must be mixed prior to insertion or in a caulking gun that applies the compound through a directional tip until the crack is completely filled.

Don’t attempt to apply the crack filling compound, however, until you have completely cleaned the area with your broom, dust brush or vacuum to remove surface dirt and dust. Get into the crack itself with your wire brush and sweep or vacuum over the area once again. Invest in a floor degreaser if the area surrounding the crack has grease stains. Very large cracks should be washed out with a pressure hose, then allowed to dry before proceeding.

Filling the Crack

Fill the crack with the repair compound, either applying it with a putty knife or with a caulking gun, then use the putty knife to smooth out the center as well as the side surfaces. If the crack is wider than half an inch, use a chisel to make an even wider opening that is angled along the side in order for the filling compound to take hold and not pull up out of the crack after its application.

Allow the crack to cure for the recommended amount of time noted on your compound package, then go over any areas with additional compound if necessary to create a completely smooth surface. The filling compound you use to fill garage floor cracks work equally well to plug up smalls holes and pitted areas in the floor, too.

Finishing Touches

For a really professional finish, use a grinder to ensure that the area of the crack filled with compound is completely level and smooth. Now you are ready to apply a sealer, epoxy coating or paint to the floor and the formerly cracked surface will be completely hidden.

If you don’t plan on painting or sealing your floor, you will still be able to see where the crack formerly appeared. It this bothers you, cover it with a floor mat or throw rug.

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