Most Common Mistakes To Make With Your Garage Door

Garage Door RepairsWhen it comes to garage door systems, people can easily make mistakes. While most garage door damages are caused by natural occurrences like harsh weather and gradual wear and tear, door damage can sometimes have a human culprit.

The mistake that comes to most peoples minds is, of course, the instance when the driver collides the car into the door. Fortunately, this mistake does not often result in injury as the car is generally moving slowly. However, even the lightest impact can cause significant damage to the garage door system.

A collision can obviously cause dents in the garage door. These can be fixed by a professional panel replacement service. The damage may extend beyond a cosmetic touch-up if the impact was strong enough to bend, crack or knock the track out of alignment.

A damaged track system will prevent the garage door system from opening and closing smoothly. Ignoring the problem almost always leads to further damage. If your garage doors recently fell victim to a runaway car, call your local expert to come and inspect the damage.

Human error is also a reason behind many remote garage door opener mistakes. The portable device work wonderswhen the owner knows where it is. The small size makes it easy for people to accidentally stick them in their bags or leave in strange places. At Garage Door Repair LLC, we can quickly replace the lost items. In addition, we offer a variety of unique remote opener styles. Some people have better track records of not losing the devices if they are attached to their key chains, other people have more luck with larger remotes. We carry several door opener brands, including Overhead Door, Genie, Wayne Dalton, Lift Master and Chamberlain. With this large selection, together, we can help prevent a misplaced device.

Home Garage DoorOne of the most dangerous mistakes to make with a garage door system is attempting to repair parts like springs or cables without professional experience. This almost always results in further damage and in worse case scenarios, injury. It is important to remember that garage door systems function under incredibly high tension. If the tension is broken, the springs and other parts may come loose and that force is strong enough to cause serious injury. The motors, tracks, springs, cables and panels are all part of a complex system that only operates safely if everything is in the right place. An untrained individual who is unsure of what part go where should never attempt to fix the system on his or her own. That is what the professionals at Garage Door Repair LLC are for.

Procrastination can be another costly mistake when it comes to garage door service. A garage door system that was once quiet while it operated yet has developed strange sounds over time is something that should be addressed in a timely manner. All too often, people put calling a repair service off, thinking the sound will eventually go away. A noisy garage door can mean the system has lost its lubrication. The tracks and moving parts do not re-lubricate themselves so procrastinating will only make it worse. Loose bolts can be another reason for the loud noise. The bolts need to be tightened otherwise the system is facing inevitable serious and expensive repairs in the future.

Garage Door Repair LLC has a 24-hour repair service. Our trained technicians can be there at anytime of the day or night to address any concerns. It may seem like an inconvenience at first, but trust us, a quick maintenance check from one of our team members will be much more affordable and less time consuming than a major repair later down the line.

Mistakes happen everyday. The good thing is, with Garage Door Repair LLC in your area, these errors can be easily fixed!

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